Road Design

Road Design department

road design

The department elaborates design documents of all stages from search and technical studies through documents for zoning and planning decision, building permit, project specification, up to the final design, for both public and private investors. In case of need it performs expert activities and prepares expert opinions on the submitted documents.

In the Czech Republic, main clients include in particular regions, cities and villages, companies of private investors; in abroad in particular Slovensk√° spr√°va ciest (Slovak Highway Administration).


Range of activities:rang of activites2
The department prepares designs and solutions of road works, both in urban and rural areas (highways, motorways and roads – primary, secondary and tertiary). In urban area this mainly concerns reconstructions and new constructions of backbone roads, design of transport skeletons of new residential zones, design of transport in commercial areas and transport at quiet.


Furthermore, the department ensures project coordination and management including necessary collaboration with the investor, the other building professions, discussion of designs with the representatives of state administration bodies and local authorities, including provision of required administrative decisions. For complex projects, it makes digital video presentations to present the projects to the public and in the media.

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