Geological Service

  • Since 1997 the engineering activities of the company have also included engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology as part of the comprehensive offer of services for any project implemented by IKP CE Prague (from study up to implementation). This above all concerns the services fro design and other engineering activities of the firm including separate geological contracts.
  • Geological Service of IKP CE ensures and performs:
    Archival excerption and preparation of geological data for all stages of design activity, comprehensive geological surveys for all types of projects, recommendations concerning suitability and technology of foundation engineering, acceptance and examination of foundation bases, geological supervision, supervision of construction work, calculation of stability of slopes, design of reinstating measures, inspection of consolidation, hydrogeological surveys, assessing the quality and contamination of groundwater, investigation of contamination of soils, proposals and designs of various monitoring projects including their implementation, expert opinions in the entire scope of the business.
  • Important works include but are not limited to the surveys and supervision during driving of tunnels and shafts, engineering-geological surveys for road construction projects, supervision over earthwork in road construction, engineering-geological surveys for building foundations, and designs of earth structures reinforced by geosynthetics.

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