Organization of Tenders

Elaboration of the project documentation including organization of the tender for the selection of the contractor of the project in accordance with the valid legislation of separate countries and, where appropriate with the European Union directives, including the elaboration of project conditions, which are subjected to the approval by the contractor and ensuring other related activities:

  • Activities related with tender announcement preparation and its publishing
  • Activities related with the course of the period for presenting the offers
  • Activities related with the course of the period during which the candidates will be bound by their tenders
  • Activities related with the termination of the tender
  • Providing of professional consulting services
  • In case of objections or suggestions from the part of applicants, preparation of documents and collaboration with the contractor when processing a decision on the applicant’s objection, elaboration of contractor’s standpoint to the submitted proposal, proposal solution with the Office for the protection of competition, proper termination of tender after issuing the decision on the submitted objections.

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