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Star Group is a leading consulting company in the field of project management in Central and Eastern Europe and it provides its services through highly qualified professionals in many Central and Eastern European countries. The Group has currently opened three representations:

  • Star, Inc. in the Czech Republic
  • Star EU, Inc. in Slovakia
  • Star UA, Inc. in Ukraine

Apart from the permanent representations, the Star Group carries out its activities in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Moldova) and some Central Asian countries (e.g. Afghanistan).

Among the key services that the Star Group offers to its clients belongs the organization of tenders, project management (preparation and selection of suitable projects, ensuring of technical documentation, ensuring supervision of the project implementation, representation of an investor in negotiations with local authorities, etc.) and also ensuring of external financial sources (European funds, international grant titles).


IKP Consulting Engineers s.r.o (IKP Group)  IKP

IKP Consulting Engineers, s.r.o., was founded in 1992 as an independent office of ILF International under the name ILF Consulting Engineers s.r.o. In 2004, after a change of the partners, the original ILF Consulting Engineers Prague was renamed to IKP Consulting Engineers.

IKP Consulting Engineers is a leading consultancy firm with ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The firm focuses particularly on the market of consulting services in the Czech and Slovak Republics but its activities are not limited only to these countries. IKP CE is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides complex services within the fields of civil engineering.

The subsidiaries of the company are: IKP Praha a.s.



Omega Point is a member of the Afghan – Czech Union Consortium (ACUC), which is concerned with establishing a wide-ranging business, cultural and social collaboration with business partners in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The main objectives of the company Omega Point are:

  • to help, through its activities, to develop an economic, business and cultural collaboration between Czech and Afghan business entities
  • to provide information services in the area of business opportunities to business persons in the territory of the Czech Republic
  • to search for suitable business partners, establish their collaboration and create favourable conditions in all aspects for implementing business plans
  • to organize initial business dealings
  • to process tender contracts
  • to intermediate interpreting and legal services




Hejran Hejrat, the company of Afghan Origin has been established in 2005 based on the understanding of needs of the Afghanistan Markets especially in the field of vehicles supply for both rent and sale (Armored and Non Armored Vehicles). With its strong financial and technical capability as well as successful provision of reliable services and delivery of goods to all over Afghanistan, the company has grown its reputation in the Market and gained a brand name for provision of services especially rental armored and non armored vehicles. The Company supports local and young firm to provide services and goods to its clients without any interruption. The company also engaged in providing vehicles and maintenance services on site and within its own repair/maintenance facilities which is located inside HHL Campus covering 64,000 sqm. The company is also licensed for production (assembly) of Non Tactical Armored Vehicles.




Star Union is a business entity that conducts its business activities in the field of general trading as well as logistic services in the Territory of Afghanistan as well as Czech Republic. Holding the active membership of ACUC as a stakeholder, the company provides all local support to Czech Firms in Afghanistan. The company conducts the expertise especially for facilitating business partnership between Afghan and Czech Firms as well firms of other nationalities. The company is the first official importer of Herbal Medicine into Afghanistan.



zlinerZliner a.s. (Group)

ZLINER Company Ltd. with more than 60 years engaged the services of bus transport. Over time Zliner profiled in a position of high-quality and reliable partner transport companies not only in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also in Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy and other European countries. In the development of the passenger market, we expanded the individual services from its original focus on repairing buses and the closely related activities (sales of spare parts, service) in its current form, which provide our clients with comprehensive services in the field of bus and trolleybus transport.



Associated Business Partners of ACUC

ENERGY Ústí nad Labem, a.s.

The joint-stock company ENERGY Ústí nad Labem, ID 25540971, is a manufacturer and distributor of electricity, heat, electricity trader and Gas, distributor of gas, cold, compressed air, water and demineralised water.


The crucial part of the production of electricity from combined heat and power generation (with certificate MPO C 200/2005) located inside the industrial area SpA SETUZA in northern Bohemia. Industrial area is Střekov neighborhood bank on the middle of the city of Usti nad Labem, which follows the valley in the direction of flow of the river Elbe and Bíliny to the Elbe estuary in these places.


Energy production here dates back to 1882 when Georg Schicht entrepreneur decided to move his company from Rynoltic in Liberec. Energy facilities, then, was installed mainly between 1885 až 1906th.
SETUZA Energy Company OJSC based in Ústí nad Labem was established October 5, 1998 spin-off technology operations of the company SETUZA, as as a subsidiary corporation. In 1999, the shares of the former “daughter” joint stock company SETUZA bought U.S. energy company Cinergy Corp., based in Cincinnati – Ohio State, under whose leadership the company was named CINERGETIKA D / L, as From the American Cinergy company in February 2005 bought the Slovak Slavia Capital Holding, which became the sole shareholder. The Company has given a new name ENERGY Ústí nad Labem, Inc. Since April 2006, is the sole shareholder of the company as PONCE. The companies were licensed to do business in the energy sector:
No. 110100659 – Electricity
120100660 – Distribution of electricity
140504570 – Sale of electricity
220100658 – Distribution of gas
240504569 – gas
310100662 – Production of thermal energy
320100661 – Distribution of thermal energy
Licence to distribute electricity and gas distribution are defined as area SETUZA, race Ústí nad Labem Zhukov 100/27 in the cadastral Strekov code 775258th l.v.2331.
It also licenses the distribution of thermal energy is defined administrative area Strekov code 775258th l.v.2331.




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